The session of this project belonging to the second milestone is between 1st July 2018 and 28th February 2019, during which the professional and research work took place at all the three member of the consortium in the framework the 3 strategic fields, included the 20 subproject.

Commonly all the subprojects are featured by that according to the research plans, reseaches of the special issues of each sub-area, surveys and the evaluation of them, the dissemination of the results are proceeding during the report period. The participation on conferences, publications and the preliminary work of them are significant, as well as the students are continually withdrawed in the research and professional work.

The research scholarship system worked up in the previous period was put in practice, so for now, 5 foreign guest researchers applied and were invited for participating in the project to the University of Pannonia in 2 steps. 1 person finished his scholarship research activity, which succeeded both in professional and internatioalisations ways.

Between 20-22nd September 2018  an international professional workshop was organised by the consortium member PPTE TTK, as well as on 12th October 2018 was organised the IX. National Tourism Conference with a title of “Authentic tourism”.

On 13th November 2018 took place the professional event of the Balaton Touristic Research Institute with the title of “Mi, balatoniak…” in Veszprém, on which the results of the prime researches of the first period were presented, among them the actuality of the Balaton as a life territory and as touristic destination.

Trainings aiming and containing R+D+I, research management and research skills development trainging were organized at all the three member in the reporting time preiod:

Educational training for technical use of PREZI presentation softver: 26th November 2018, 3rd December 2018 – UP

International application training for young researchers: 13th December 2018 – PTE

Research management training for future anf active researchers: 14th December 2018 – PTE

Intensive Presentation Skills Training: 18-19th October 2018 – BCE

Networking Skills seminar: 23rd November 2018 – BCE

Publication writing in practice training: 17th December 2018 – BCE

The University of Pannonia started to configure the Marketing Focuslab, the plan documentations are ready.

The members of the consortium discuss regulary, they hold a meeting in every three months, as well as the follow-up of advancement of the project happens through quarter report system.